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Latest news! (long overdue - ed).........

 Busy summer/autumn gig schedule for the band and duo (see Gigs), and the long awaited four-track acoustic duo recording (the 'That's Entertainment' EP) is finally completed and available now (while stocks last!)


Sep 07    -      Nick returns triumphant to dep for his replacement on bass Clive in  rocking Thornton heath gig (confused? You should be - ed)

                     TUFF receive excellent full-page coverage, including touching interview with vocalist and founder member Mike (what was he touching? - ed)  in the Entertainments section of the Kent Extra! 

Oct 07     -      TUFF (the duo) perform their first original material in an eternity (not quite that long - ed) when they appear at the Jools Holland  inspired "Super Jam 07" in Bexleyheath, and go down very well (ooh-err! - ed). This follows a Pete Doherty style rehearsal/performance in a pub garden in Cudham the night before, which thrills the locals (apparently - ed).

                            TUFF get a mention on the Gary Crowley show on Radio London in a chat with vocalist Mike (what do you mean you missed it? - ed)



The good news is that TUFF's live performances just keep getting better (thanks here to Richard for improving the sound quality no end with the new equipment - ed) and it's great that private functions are coming as a direct result of catching the band live. The bad news is the amount of spilled beer as a result of over-enthusiastic dancers crashing into speakers; I suppose there's no point crying over it though (that's milk - ed) and everyone loves to see the crowd having a good time!


The duo is also going from strength to strength now that they've reverted to their acoustic best (no backing tapes here; keep music live! - ed) but still with a wide range of popular material; acoustic doesn't just mean protest songs/dylan (although he is covered - ed). They've even been winning the plaudits of current top indie rockers! (but not quite out-drinking them - ed).


Thanks also to Clive for making the odd dep. comeback over the last couple of months (it was like going back in time -ed) so much so that he's almost a permanent fixture (he is - ed) and to the odd TUFF groupie we've dragged out of retirement (odd being the appropriate....yes thanks - ed)


Finally, if you'd like to be kept informed of the latest gigs and goings-on, you can leave your e-mail address on 'contact' on this site and we'll add you to the e-mailing list.
See you at a venue soon - we love you all!


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